Do you play any sports?

I'm adopted.

Sheesh, that Keiko - she's cute or she's hateful, just can't make her out.

She will not be ready.


Floria says he needs to buy a new computer.

Since Hotta had a little free time, he decided to go swimming.

We danced to the disco music.

Since it's written in easy English, even you can read that book.

I'll find a way to get the money to you.

The German energy reform is unaffordable.

You're the one that went crazy.


I want that.

You will be able to speak English.

He has the capacity to become an accountant.


He's a wealthy man.


Wow, that line is huge!

You owe Betty a big apology.

Some people enjoy solitude.

"Ganon and his minions have seized Link's sword." "How can I help?" "I haven't the slightest."

My mother made a complete recovery from neuralgia.

She could have resisted more aggressively if she'd wanted to.

You can not swim here.

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In my head it's all perfectly clear.

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I don't need it anymore.

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Will you study tomorrow?

Wake me if you need me.

Bryan pushed me into the lockers.

If you feel it isn't serving you anymore, just change it. It's no good to be stuck in the same mindset for too long.

We hardly ever see Rahul anymore.


What could Dominick possibly want now?

The pain has gone.

I'm waiting for your letter.


I'm always writing strange things, so I'm sure it's difficult to comment on.

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Why don't you just go get her?

My cat is suffering from the heat.

In 1984, Coke started using HFCS instead of sugar.

Was Hume a nurse?

In a few moments you'll become either a holy martyr or a dead witch.

The only way to know if it fits is to try it on.

Olof was laughing at Sjaak.

He lied brazenly.

Do you think it makes a difference?

Later that night, the shephard herded his sheep and went to bed.

I know that it is highly unlikely that we'll see any whales today.


How old were you when you moved to Boston?

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I've seen you with them.

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We've been married more than thirty years.

If it starts raining we'll have to give up on our bike ride.

Do you have the money?

Many Asians are lactose intolerant.

The year starts on the first of January and ends on the thirty-first of December.

Don't you think that's weird?

The tip of the knife blade is sharp.

I felt relieved when my plane landed safely.

Teri tires easily.


Harry was forced to sell his farm.


Can you think of anyone who would've wanted to kill Lindsay?

What would you want to do?

Please wait half an hour.

Maybe this will convince you.

There is no reason for me to apologize.

I've had it. All I've done today is handle complaints.

I'd advise you to do the same.

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How many books do you think you've read so far?

I kept the $20 I found in the street.

I have bloody stools.


You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

I noticed a note on my desk, but I do not know who wrote it.

It was a pretty weird situation.


Pim doesn't appear to be very religious.

The successful candidates were beside themselves with joy.

Did you tell her?

Is there something I can do to help?

Elisabeth was loaded into an ambulance.

Jayesh didn't seem surprised to see Myron here.

My mum let me go to the movies.

Jordan was outspoken.

Where did everybody go?

Edmund left his keys on the table.

One thing's for sure: nobody can stop me!

In 1700, the king died at age 80 of unspecified causes.

Fresh squeezed orange juice tastes really good.

I never really knew them.

We're going to wait here for Aimee.

Is there anything you want to try when you grow up?

I lost ten kilos in three months.

She has a son.

I'll visit soon.

You don't think he has many faults?

She wears vanity glasses.


Last Wednesday my dog passed away. She was 16.

Boys read less for enjoyment than girls.

The doctor persuaded him to give up smoking.

I know Glen's hiding something, but I don't know what.

The typhoon gathered strength.

You should be able to do this by yourself.

That lift makes a lot of noise.

You stole the money, didn't you?

Dirk's confessed.

We can't come to the party.

I wasn't looking at her.

That's just what I want.

He derives pleasure from attending concerts.

What is your mother's name?

Art was one of my patients.

I shuddered at the sight of the snake.

Will you give us a statement?

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Take this prescription to your pharmacy.


The earth, seen from above, looks like an orange.

Don't try to fool me.

Two-thirds of the students of this school are boys.

The shop was closed when I went there.

I like the sound of that.


"Juma will pay school fees. How about Hamisi?" "No, he will not pay them."

Father got me to wash his car.

Can't you find anything better to do?


They met the crown princes of Sweden and Denmark.


I expect nothing but excellence from my employees.

Mahmoud put his books in his locker.

Can he see us?


Please don't interrupt me while I'm talking.

They are far from happy.

The day is short and there is much work.

I don't know why Steve wasn't here today.

They're eating apples.

I'd have told you that.

Is there any chance that Mr. Black will agree to the plan?

It is never too late to be what you could have been.

The child had no overcoat on although it was very cold.


His speeches were welcomed by large audiences all over the country.

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I bought this product for a fraction of its price.


There is an alternative.


I've never driven a truck.

That's not safe.

Oliver and Lewis seem to be enjoying each other's company.

I'm on a hockey team.

She was a good swimmer in her young days.

I still remember them.

It could take hours.


I don't want to jump to conclusions.


It's been a while since I've ridden a horse.

Radek is a dependable person.

Hypocrisy is the death of democracy.

How long has Betty been living in Boston?

I hate myself for hating her.


I saw him again last night.

Why did he change his plans?

Tell him you lied.


It sounds like you don't like Becky.

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The colony declared independence and became a republic.

You have to accept your role.

What's the name of this river?


He said to me, 'I read this book yesterday'.

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It takes years to grow a tree, yet it takes seconds to cut it.


Margot found out our secret.

It will not do to blame him for the accident.

I don't understand this country.

We are confronted with a complex situation.

There is much truth in what you say.


I hope you'll be able to sleep.

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I've made some progress.